3 Stretches to Commit to Routine

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By: Julie Keating

3 Easy Stretches to Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine

If you are like most of us, you know that stretching is a great way to loosen things up and reduce tightness, but putting the time aside is easier said than done. It’s like drinking the appropriate amount of water daily; we know it’s critical, but we don’t always follow through. Our massage therapy in Augusta experts can’t stress enough the importance of stretching to increase range of motion and flexibility, so we thought we would simplify the process for you and give you just three must-do stretches to add to your daily routine. We believe that you will find so many benefits, it will encourage you to stretch away every day!

The Anti-Hump 

If you are like most of us, you sit slouched over a computer all day. When you sit hunched over for extended periods, your muscles are prone to tighten and shorten, which can lead to an increased risk of injury and wreak havoc on your posture. If you want to stand up tall and reduce the hump look, then this is one stretch to commit to.

The Fix – 

Grasp your hands together behind your back. Raise your hands up slowly until you can’t anymore. You should feel a gentle stretch in your chest cavity. Hold the stretch for a minute, breathing in and out, then return to the starting position. For maximum effect, repeat three times, but make sure that you take the time to feel the stretch through the entire movement.

Not All Spinal Taps are Painful

Most people wake up with a bounce in their step and an energy that helps them greet the day head-on. But those same go-getters start to fade as the day wears on. Why? When you wake up, your spinal cord has had time throughout the night to decompress and give you more room (literally) between your disks. As the day and gravity take hold, the tissue and disks between your spinal column compress, and it actually can dampen your energy and mood.

The Fix – 

Stand with your feet directly below your hips and shoulder width apart. Fold your body in half, making sure to keep your knees soft instead of locking them. Then, let your arms fall toward the floor while attempting to straighten your legs. Swing your head and arms back and forth, then follow it by rolling your spine one vertebrae at a time until you are standing again. 

Lunge for It!

Not only do you spend a whole lot of time hunched over a computer, you sit on your behind most of the day as well. If you have never heard of your psoas, you are probably not listening to your body’s cues. A psoas is a muscle group that guards the front of your spine and stomach and is responsible for lifting your legs. Over time, if underused, your psoas will become short and tight, and won’t treat you any better than you do it. 

The Fix – 

Lunges are an excellent stretch for long days of sitting as well as many other activities. First, kneel, lunging to one side. Push your hips forward until you feel a good stretch on the back leg, hold for half a minute and then breathe deeply. Now switch to the other leg. 

Many customers ask me if stretching is really good practice. If you don’t keep muscles flexible and take preventative steps to ensure they are elongated, then you will predispose them to injury and weakness. Stretching doesn’t take very much time and it isn’t rocket science, but it is something that most of us don’t take the time to do that we should. 

If you incorporate these three stretches into your routine every day, you will see such a marked improvement in your everyday functioning that we guarantee you will not only make it a habit; you will likely add more stretches to your day. In the meantime, schedule your appointment for massage therapy in Augusta today, and check out our blog for more tips on how to stay flexible, healthy, and happy for life!