Give the Gift of Healing for Christmas

Tips and Tricks of Massage Therapy
By: Julie Keating

As we quickly roll into the new year, we have a collective new perspective on what is important. This year, many are opting to forego the shiny packages under the Christmas tree that are disposed of or forgotten ten minutes after opening, and are looking for something more lasting and thoughtful. A massage gift certificate is a great way to give that special someone not just something they need; but something that will help them find peace, health, and serenity post-holiday. These are just some of the benefits that a massage gift will provide to the one you love!


Times are uncertain and the holidays have only ramped up the stress for many. A massage gift certificate is like giving that special someone on your list a staycation to escape their daily routine and relax and enjoy. They do so much for everyone else, so why not give them a little serenity and peace so that they can relax, rejuvenate, and be ready to hit the new year?

Pain Alleviation

If the person on your gift-giving list is suffering from the aches and pains that can come with tension and stress or a chronic illness, massage is a great way to help alleviate chronic or acute pain. And by introducing them to massage, you might help them discover something that really helps and is a great alternative to other treatments that have side effects. That way, you are giving them the gift that keeps giving all year long!

Reduce Stress

Stress is necessary and can be beneficial in small amounts, but it is what we do with the stress that matters. If someone on your list is having a rough time managing stress and coping with all that they have on their plate, massage is an excellent way to ease tension, relax muscles, and lead to a healthier way to manage and cope with the stresses that we all face. 

Better Sleep

Who couldn’t use better sleep as we head into the new year? Massage helps to alleviate chronic pain, stress, and muscle tension, thereby leading to better and more restful sleep. After all, it isn’t the amount of sleep as much as the quality of sleep that counts. Giving them a massage gift certificate in Augusta is like giving them the gift of a restful night, which is better than unwrapping another scarf or tie any day!

Health Benefits

Massage has been proven to help boost health by reducing pain, improving circulation, minimizing stress and tension, promoting better sleep, and enhancing mood. It would be hard to find a gift to put under the tree that can give so much. A massage will help the one you love to find better health not just for 2023, but for many holiday seasons ahead.

As we enter into 2023, we do so with a new perspective on what is important. Instead of buying another “thing” to wrap and put under the tree, why not give the person you love something that will continue to give long after it’s given? At Muscle Anthropology, our mission is to create better health, quality of life, and longevity through the use of massage for the year ahead. Come in and pick up a massage gift certificate in Augusta today!