MUTT Massage Technique – A Synergy of Tools From Experience

Tips and Tricks of Massage Therapy
By: Julie Keating

It is hard for me to believe that I have been practicing massage for over 13 years, but it has been an extremely exciting time in my life. Not only have I met amazing people; I’ve learned some pretty incredible tactics and techniques. A massage therapist’s education is never finished. We not only find out new things daily; we are required to participate in continuing education courses. My goal is to provide the best treatment modalities for my clients, which is why I have developed what I call the MUTT Massage Technique.

What is MUTT Massage Technique?

MUTT Massage stands for Multiple Use Therapeutic Techniques, and it is something that I have been working on over the past several years. Termed by me, it isn’t an industry-wide practice, yet, but hopefully, it will catch on because I have found great success for my clients. In essence, I have taken all of the various modalities and techniques learned over the years and combined them to best meet individualized needs. I am also developing a practical guide that I intend to teach to others.

The Practical Use of MUTT Massage

Most often, when people seek massage therapy, they are offered a menu list of massage techniques like “Swedish” or “Therapeutic”. What makes me unique is that I combine all of the techniques in my arsenal to devise a plan that is specific for the individual I am treating to address their concerns and issues. When I approach each client, my first step is to determine what it is that they need by asking questions, watching their movements, and understanding their concerns. Only then I can , I can tailor their massage session so that we target those issues.

The Practice Behind it and Why It Works

Chronic pain and conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tennis Elbow are a result of overuse of muscles through repetitive motions. Over time, muscles begin to get “stuck” in specific and non-conductive patterns that lead to fatigue, overuse, dysfunction, and pain. The goal of the MUTT Massage Technique is to overcome those patterns and “retrain” the muscles. By “rerouting” muscle movements, we eliminate the chain and pattern of wear and tear. The goal is to rewire and interrupt dysfunctional patterns to lessen the burden on overused muscles.

Targeting Trigger Points and Muscle Exhaustion

When you use the same muscles over and over, it creates excessive wear and tear. Over time, those muscles become short and weak. Short muscles have limited flexibility, which limits the range of motion. The shorter and tighter the muscles become, the more limited the range of motion becomes. Your brain literally forgets that your muscles can be elongated, and should be, and refuses to move past a particular point. This process leads to chronic and painful conditions like trigger points. The MUTT Technique is a way to break up the soft tissue that limits flexibility and lengthen your muscles so that you gain your range of motion back, thereby decreasing discomfort, stiffness, and pain.

Maintenance is Important

As humans, we are creatures of habit. The key to the MUTT Massage Technique rests in maintenance. It typically takes anywhere from two to four appointments to break up tissue and lengthen muscles. But if you don’t engage in regular massage and stretching techniques, there is a good chance your muscle patterns will go back to their repetitive ways. My mission is to give my clients the information and tools they need to eliminate patterns that are easy to fall back into. That allows them to live a better quality of life simply by taking ongoing small preventative steps like exercises and stretching techniques.
I take my role as a massage therapist very seriously. My number one goal is to address the concerns of each client who walks through my door. Over the years, I have been given many tools in my arsenal, and I believe that it isn’t an either/or situation. It is about taking all that I’ve witnessed, learned, and done to find the best treatment modality. I would love to help you get on the road to a better version of you today. Schedule your appointment to get started.