Kids Heading Back to School? Five Reasons to Treat Yourself to Massage Therapy

Tips and Tricks of Massage Therapy
By: Julie Keating

Summertime is a season that parents and kids look forward to, but after being their cruise director and keeping everyone entertained for months, it is okay to admit that you are happy things are returning to the normal routine. If you have been going long, playing hard, and hitting the road all summer, a little peace and quiet is both appreciated and well-deserved. As they return to school, it can be difficult to find a way to unwind and really enjoy the silence. Making an appointment for massage therapy is a perfect way to rejuvenate, relax, and destress for the school year ahead. These are just five reasons to treat yourself to massage therapy.

Your Muscles Have Had It!

As adults, we aren’t always on the go. If you are more used to sitting in an office chair working instead of hitting the trails hiking, then the long summer fun probably took its toll on your tired and weary bones, muscles, and joints. Putting strain on muscles that aren’t used to it can rob you of energy and lead to overuse, and it can predispose you to injury. A massage therapy appointment can help to loosen tightness, reduce soreness, and increase circulation to get you back to homeostasis.

Your Sleep Has Probably Suffered

Summertime is when we ditch the routine, but you can only go hard all night long for so long. Sleep is necessary for the brain and body to rejuvenate and recuperate, and not getting the proper amount of sleep can lead to brain fog, inability to focus and concentrate, and getting the blues or having mood swings. If you are feeling a little sad about them heading off to school and having the house to yourself, massage therapy will stop the sad spiral and get you back to your normal jovial self in no time. 

You Need a Mood Lift

Being tired and worn-down doesn’t just wreak havoc on your body; it is hard on your serotonin levels and can lead to mood changes. Although we like it when the kids go back, that doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t some blues that set in that the year has begun, the routine will have to resume, and you will see less of them. One of the best ways to keep your mood in check is to exercise and destress. Massage therapy is a great way to increase circulation and promote a better sense of overall wellness. It is natural to be down, but don’t let it get you down.

Reducing Chronic Pain

As a parent, you have to put yourself and your needs on the back burner at times because there simply isn’t enough time. If you are suffering from chronic pain and ignoring it, massage therapy is a great way to get back in the game. Chronic pain can lead to reduced activity and if you don’t have the kids picking you up day after day, you might need a little motivation that comes in the form of pain relief. Massage helps to loosen tight muscles, stop trigger points, and reduce pain, which will make it easier to motivate yourself to keep your pace up even while the kids are away.

Fall Comes with Viruses

Inevitably as we return to school, being in close contact and passing bugs and viruses around is a given. If you want to beat the fall colds and flu that will soon be circulating, it is important to keep your immune system strong. Massage helps to increase your immune system’s energy to ward off all the germs that your little ones will be bringing home along with their homework this fall and winter. 

Take advantage of this Back to School Massage Today!

Ah, summer break is finally over and the kids are about to head back to school. It is a bittersweet farewell, but just because you don’t have little ones to chase doesn’t mean that you won’t have some issues like chronic pain, low energy, and lowered immunity to chase away. Schedule your appointment for massage therapy in Augusta this fall and feel better all year long!