How A Sports Massage Therapist Can Improve Your Performance

Tips and Tricks of Massage Therapy
By: Julie Keating

Often, athletes come to see me only after they have an injury, without having a clue that regular massage is not only the key to peak competitive performance; it can reduce the risk of injury, to begin with. A sports massage is critical to ensure injury prevention while out on the playing field. It can also reduce inflammation post-workout, and increase blood flow to help increase lean muscle mass. If you need more proof that you should see a sports massage therapist, here are the many benefits that you gain by seeing me!

Reducing Pain and Inflammation

One of the biggest benefits, and also reasons that athletes come to me, is to reduce pain and inflammation post-workout or injury. Many elite athletes suffer from chronic pain from overtraining, which will decrease their performance. The pain that you feel limits your range of motion and can also decrease your muscle strength. Studies show that sports massages promote the production of mitochondria. They are the energy cells that help to repair your muscles, while also suppressing pain. Therefore, regular sports massage can reduce your discomfort, and inflammation, and make you feel less pain, three positives!

A Sports Massage Therapist Can Shorten Your Recovery Period

Athletes inevitably get injured, it is an occupational hazard. Not only are injuries painful; they keep you off of the playing field. A sports massage will help to promote healing post-injury and aid in injury prevention too. Studies show that a sports massage can also help to shorten the recovery period post-workout, so it is useful to help both muscles and joints to heal faster when they are taxed and injured, win-win. 

Promotes Blood Circulation

Massage works by increasing blood flow and circulation in the body. Studies show that sports massage can greatly improve blood flow to your joints and muscles, while also reducing pain and soreness. So massage is critical to supply your body with improved vascular function post-play or workout.

Increases Flexibility, Mobility, and Range of Motion

When muscles are sore, they retract and become tight. Not only does that lead to pain and inflammation; it can predispose you to an injury and lessen your sports performance. Sports massage is a great tool pregame and post because it works out muscle knots, promotes flexibility, and increases blood flow to aid in muscle tissue repair. When you are flexible and have a better range of motion, you play better, period!

Alleviates Mental Stress

The key to peak performance is not just about your physicality, it is about your mental status and focus. Sports massage helps to release endorphins, which are little mood enhancers that not only help you to alleviate stress; they help you stay focused and positive. Therefore, it is a great way to be mind, body, and soul-ready to give it your all.

Improves Sleep Quality

Sleep is one of the most critical times when your body has time to restore and heal. When you are less stressed and experience fewer symptoms of pain and soreness, you sleep better. Proper sleep is also necessary to have your “head in the game,” so sports massage is a must to get enough sleep both before and after a big game.

Most people come to me to help alleviate the symptoms of an injury like pain, inflammation, and soreness, but frequenting a sports massage therapist regularly is the best way to enhance your competitive edge. It will also help you achieve peak performance to hit the playing field 100%, 100% of the time. At Muscle Anthropology, we help our clients stay flexible, pain, and hopefully, injury-free. Contact us today and let us get your head in the game!