Seven Benefits of Massage Therapy Revealed

Tips and Tricks of Massage Therapy
By: Julie Keating

Massage has been a tool used for mind and body wellness for centuries, but research is only just now revealing the major benefits that it holds for patients. If you are not getting relief from traditional therapies, or you’re just trying to find a healthier version of yourself, then massage therapy in Augusta, GA might be your ticket to a better mind/body balance.

The Seven Benefits of Hiring a Massage Therapist in Augusta, GA

Massage therapy offers several benefits for patients seeking improvements in mind and body health. It can help with everything from the alleviation of stress to injury prevention and healing. These are the seven most common advantages that massage therapy has on both the body and the soul.

Stress Reduction

Stress is unfortunately unavoidable, but not all types of stress are harmful. It’s how you handle the stress that really determines whether it is beneficial or not. Massage therapy is a great way to manage the physical and emotional toll that too much stress can take on you. Most people handle stressors by tensing up, which can lead to tight muscles, headaches, and trigger points. Massage works by improving blood circulation and releasing the build-up of hormones like serotonin and neurotransmitters in the brain, which are responsible for mood enhancement.


Sometimes we get wound up so tight with the day-to-day grind that we find it difficult to relax, even in our downtime. Stress is responsible for the body releasing a chemical called cortisol, which can lead to digestion problems, insomnia, weight gain, headaches, and a host of other adverse conditions and symptoms. Massage is a great way to reduce those cortisol levels so that you can breathe deeply and let go. 

Increased Energy

Massage also improves circulation, which helps your cells get the oxygen that they need to perform correctly. When you combine that with the mood-enhancing effect of massage, it means that you relax your muscles to release tension and sleep more soundly through the night. When you get more sleep, you have more energy.

Lower Blood Pressure

Many studies about the benefits of massage therapy have shown that it can help to lower your blood pressure. In fact, your blood pressure might have a direct correlation to the number of times that you seek massage therapy in Augusta. Patients have consistently shown a reduction in both the diastolic and systolic numbers!

Increase Immunity

If there was ever a time to worry about immune system health and contagion, it is in the post-COVID era. Studies show that massage therapy can help to stimulate your lymph nodes and help to increase your body’s defenses against viruses and bacteria. 

Better Posture

When your muscles become tight, they pull at one another in a chain reaction that leads to poor posture. Poor alignment can result in neck, back, and overall muscle pain. Massage therapy helps to relax your muscles, which gives them a wider range of motion. That makes it more likely that you will stand up straighter and take pressure off your joints and muscles.

Chronic Pain Reduction

Massage produces natural serotonin and endorphins in the body. Serotonin is the leading producer of anti-pain chemicals in the brain. Not only does it enhance your overall mood; it can also help to alleviate some of the symptoms of chronic pain for patients with issues like arthritis and fibromyalgia. 

These are not all the benefits of massage therapy in Augusta. For a healthier, happier, and more well-adjusted you, try a Swedish massage, a lymphatic massage, or sports massage in Augusta, GA, today by scheduling your appointment now!