11 Massage Questions you may be too Embarrassed to Ask

Tips and Tricks of Massage Therapy
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The health benefits of having a massage are numerous, whether you are going for a sports-related injury or just for a little TLC. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your first encounter won’t be a bit, well, intimidating. After all, having a stranger touch you, and not knowing what to expect, can bring more stress than need be. So, to put your fears to rest, and give you a little glimpse into what you might not know, but are too embarrassed to ask, here are the most common questions that I typically get about massage therapy in Augusta My when people find out what I do for a living.

1. Should I Tip?

Tipping is a time-honored tradition in the trades and service industry that is meant to tell someone how well of a job they did. How much you tip is supposed to be determined by how well pleased you are, as a customer, with the service you receive. Most massage therapists rent a space or work for someone else who does. Therefore, the money that you pay them, typically, does not all go directly toward them. If you are very pleased with the massage that they provided, then, yes, it is customary to tip. Again, it isn’t a “must,” but it is customary to reward your massage therapist for their hard work and very appreciated!

2. Should my Massage Therapy in Augusta Hurt?

There are many different types of massage and theories about what they do for the body. Not all massage therapists practice the same form of massage, and not every person needs the same thing from a massage. The general concept is to promote healing in the body by increasing blood flow, and the power of touch is also important. Although massage shouldn’t “hurt,” there are times when it can be uncomfortable. And yes, sometimes certain areas of the body that are tight or injured, will incite pain receptors. But the beauty of massage is that most of the pain associated with it can be lessened by letting your massage therapist know that the intensity or the pressure is too much. A professional can typically tone down their touch to make it less uncomfortable. And if something does hurt, you need to speak up immediately and let the massage therapist know in case there is an injury that you might not be aware of.

How Much Clothing Should I Remove?

Massage is all about touch, but if you are uncomfortable with someone touching you without clothes on, then you certainly are welcome to keep your clothes on. Traditionally, people will take their clothes off, leaving on their “intimates”. But again, every massage is different and has a different purpose. So a sports massage will likely have you wearing all of your clothes, while a soothing or relaxing massage might have you with only your intimate apparel on. Remember, it is always okay to ask, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed. The massage therapist has been asked many, many times, sometimes daily.

4. What if I Feel Self Conscious?

Let’s be honest, we all feel a little self-conscious the first time we do something. If you feel self-conscious, be verbal with the massage therapist. They likely will be able to say and do things that will make you feel more at ease. The massage is supposed to be therapeutic and enjoyable, so voice your concerns. The more that you attend massage therapy, the more familiar you will be with it, and the less self-conscious you will feel.

5. Should I Make Conversation With my Massage Therapist in Augusta?

The best part about massage therapy is that it is tailored to suit your needs, whatever they are. Most massage appointments for healing and stress-relief are done in a calm, quiet atmosphere. That, however, does not mean that you can’t strike up a conversation if you would like. And if it is a sports massage, then the massage therapist might like to explain to you what they are doing, and how you can help to heal your body quicker. It really depends on what you want out of the time you spend together. A massage therapist will probably be waiting to see what it is that you want and take your lead, so lead away!

6. What if I Sleep, Drool, or Snore?

It is completely normal to fall asleep during a massage. Massage is meant to relax the body and bring it peace, so sleep is not uncommon. If you snore, snore away, if you drool, drool away. The massage therapist changes the sheets and won’t think twice about you doing any of the three.

7. What if I Need to Use the Restroom?

You get the most out of a massage appointment by being as comfortable and relaxed as possible. You are not a prisoner held against your will. If you have to go to the restroom, even if it is in the middle of the session, let your therapist know. They will kindly step out of the room, allow you to put your clothes back on or offer you a robe, and off to the bathroom you go… it is as easy as that!

8. What if I get an Erection

The massage therapist is not there to judge, trust me, they have pretty much seen it all. One thing that any therapist knows is that the body will have a plethora of unexpected responses that you have no control over. So if you get an erection, just let your mind forget about it. The massage therapist will take no meaning away from it, nor will they be offended. They understand that their looks, attractiveness, or anything about them personally are not causing it, it is your body’s response to stimuli.

9. What if I am Ticklish?

It is normal to be ticklish in certain places. The best way to get past the ticklish feeling is for the massage therapist to apply more heavy and consistent pressure. If you start to giggle and retreat, that will be their sign either to lay off of that area or to use a different and more targeted approach to desensitize and get back to business.

10. What if I Need to Pass Gas?

Again, your body reacts the way it wants, whether you want it to or not. Likely, your massage therapist won’t even skip a beat. You won’t be the first person to do it, that is a guarantee. And don’t try to hold it in, if you do, then you will be tensing up muscles that we are working to de-stress, which is completely counterintuitive. Massage therapists don’t think in terms of the body’s parts, they think in terms of what the body is telling them, and passing gas means that they definitely have oxygen and blood moving.

11. How do I Know if a Massage Therapist in Augusta is Legit?

You should always ask for a certification from your massage clinic or therapist. By law, massage therapists have to be licensed and hold insurance. It is okay to ask for verification of credentials. If they take offense, that is on them, not you. And any certified massage therapy in Augusta practice should be proud and willing to hang their accomplishments and certifications proudly for everyone to see.

Massage therapy is an ancient practice that is meant to perform all sorts of healing in the body. If it is your first time, take a deep breath and know that the only thing the therapist wants from you is for you to be honest, vocal, and to relax and not worry. There really isn’t anything that you could do wrong, or that you are supposed to be “doing” at all, but relaxing and gaining all the benefit possible from your session.